OLIVER TAYLOR ============= Hi. I'm Oliver and this is my site. That's the only introduction I could think of. Twitter: @olivertaylor GitHub: @olivertaylor TEXTPLAY

Textplay is simple ruby-script that converts screenplays written in Fountain formatted plain-text to a variety of useful formats: HTML, FDX (Final Draft), and (with PrinceXML) PDF. BBEDIT MOVEMENT & SELECTION SHORTCUTS This package of scripts and text-filters aims to substantially improve your movement and selection abilities when writing prose in BBEdit. OLIVER’S FAVORITE L.A. RESTAURANTS Here in Los Angeles you can get some of the best food in the world, and no matter where you are in the city there are thousands of wonderful restaurants near you. This guide is a list of my favorite places (I’ve been to all of them), organized by neighborhood. TWO REASONS FOR WRITING IN PLAIN TEXT Almost every website, piece of software, or communication protocol ever programed was written (at least in part) in plain-text. This makes it the most compatible, reliable, and flexible file-format in existence; one who writes in plain-text can rest assured their files will be readable forever by any computer ever made in their lifetime. Because programmers work almost exclusively in plain-text they have built themselves amazing tools. With a little work one can learn how to leverage these powerful tools and customize their writing environment as they see fit. For those who want a universal and future-proof way to store their writing, and powerful and reliable software to write in, plain-text is the ticket.