About Me

Hi! 👋 I'm Oliver Taylor, welcome to my corner of the internet. This website is a random collection of things I've worked on and some write-ups about things I find interesting. I have no idea how you got here but I'm glad you made it.

Structured to Innovate

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works, and AT&T’s Bell Labs were a few of many R&D organizations that, in the mid 20th century, created technology that helped usher-in the modern world (computers, the internet, communication satellites, digital cameras, etc.). The methods these organizations used in running their organizations also became famous. Despite being very different from each other, they share a similar ethos and approach to project management that teams and organizations of any size (and funding level) can learn from.

Misc Notes

Emacs Notes

I love using Emacs, customizing it, and learning about it. In fact, I think that Emacs is my primary hobby at this point. There are a lot of wonderful websites and blogs out there dedicated to Emacs. This section of my website is my small contribution to the community. I've tried to make it so each note describes a useful sample of code that you can incorporate into your own configuration.

I hope you find something useful, and if you find an error the best way to let me know is to open a GitHub issue about it.

Code Adventures

My adventures with coding began long ago when I wondered if CSS could be used to layout a screenplay, the result was the Screenbundle for Textmate which allowed you to write screenplays in a Markdown-inspired way (this was before the fountain markup syntax and a very long time before Highland). After a while the project morphed into a UNIX-style CLI program I called...

Textplay is command-line utility that converts screenplays written in Fountain formatted plain-text to HTML and FDX (Final Draft). The HTML can then be easily converted to a pagination-aware PDF with PrinceXML.

I've got my dotfiles on GitHub, if you're interested in that kind of thing. I've learned a lot reading other people's, so I hope you find something you can use yourself.