Hi! 👋 Welcome to my corner of the internet. I have no idea how you got here but I'm glad you made it. This site has no clear reason for existing, but over the years I've found some amazing things by just stumbling on to some random website, so I hope you find something you like.

Code Adventures

My adventures with coding began long ago when I wondered if CSS could be used to layout a screenplay, the result was the Screenbundle for Textmate which allowed you to write screenplays in a Markdown-inspired way (this was before the fountain markup syntax and a very long time before Highland). After a while the project morphed into a UNIX-style CLI program I called...


Textplay is command-line utility that converts screenplays written in Fountain formatted plain-text to HTML and FDX (Final Draft). The HTML is can be easily converted to a pagination-aware PDF with PrinceXML.


Creating the screenbundle plugin for Textmate opened my eyes to the world of text-editors and it didn't take long for me to dive all the way down the rabbit hole and wind up using vim, Acme, and Emacs. Dotfiles are simply configuration files that tell each program how you want it to behave.

Some of the highlights are: how I setup my Mac (including some tips on how to monitor your Mac for apps that use background processes), a rather lengthy emacs configuration, a collection of general-purpose shell scripts (mostly for transforming text), a bunch of notes on the Acme editor and the Sam command language it uses, and a hammerspoon configuration which I'd like to do a lot more documentation for.


I love finding bits of code that make my experience in Emacs a little better. I've collected a few useful "recipes", and written-up a few extended examples, in an effort to make a small contribution to the cause. I hope you find something useful.

Misc Notes